2020 SBS – MBC – KBS Drama & Entertainment Awards

E’ giunto quel periodo dell’anno ove le emittenti televisive sudcoreane organizzano le loro rispettive cerimonie di premiazione. In quest’articolo radunerò tutte le notizie che escono a riguardo. [Cerimonie concluse – articolo aggiornato con i vincitori]


2020 SBS Entertainment Awards

La cerimonia si terrà il 19 dicembre 2020 e sarà presentata dall’attore Lee Seung Gi, da Cha Eun Woo del gruppo ASTRO e da Shin Dong Yup, presentatore di show di varietà tra cui “My Ugly Duckling”.


  • Grand Award (Daesang): Kim Jong Kook (“Running Man,” “My Ugly Duckling”)
  • Producers’ Award: Yang Se Hyung (“Master in the House,” “Delicious Rendezvous”)
  • Top Excellence Award (Show/Variety): HaHa (“Running Man”), Jang Yoon Jung (“K-Trot in Town”)
  • Top Excellence Award (Reality): Kim Heechul (“Delicious Rendezvous,” “My Ugly Duckling”), Lee Sang Min (“My Ugly Duckling”)
  • Top Excellence in Programming Award: “My Ugly Duckling”
  • Excellence Award (Reality): Jung In Sun (“Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant”), Kim Kwang Gyu (“Burning Youth”)
  • Excellence Award (Show/Variety): Kim Dong Hyun (“Master in the House,” “Telegna”), Jang Do Yeon (“Telegna,” “2020 Tail”)
  • Excellence in Programming Award: “Delicious Rendezvous,” “K-Trot in Town”
  • Hot Star Award (OTT): Lee Seung Gi (“Master in the House”), Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeon (“PJ Date Consulting”)
  • Special Legend Award: Lee Sung Mi and Lee Kyung Shil (“Truth Game”), Lee Bong Won and Choi Yang Rak (“Good Friends”), Im Sung Hoon (“Capture the Moment How Is That Possible”), Choi Hwa Jung (“Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”), Lee Hong Ryul (“Lee Hong Ryul Show”)
  • Golden Content Award: “Running Man,” “Law of the Jungle”
  • Best Couple: Im Won Hee and Jung Suk Yong (“My Ugly Duckling”)
  • Best Entertainer: Shin Sung Rok (“Master in the House”), Park Sun Young (“Burning Youth”)
  • Best Teamwork: “Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny”
  • SBS Honorary Employee Award: Seo Jang Hoon (“My Ugly Duckling,” “Handsome Tigers,” “Same Bed Different Dreams 2”)
  • Public Interest Variety Award: Kim Sung Joo (“Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant”)
  • Scene Stealer Award: Tak Jae Hoon (“My Ugly Duckling”)
  • Screenwriter Award (Variety): Yook So Young (“My Ugly Duckling,” “K-Trot in Town”), Hwang Bo Kyung (“Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant,” “Delicious Rendezvous”), Lee Hae Yeon (“2020 Tail”)
  • Radio DJ Award: Kim Chang Wan (“This Beautiful Morning”)
  • Rookie Radio Award: Heo Ji Woong (“Heo Ji Woong Show”)
  • Rookie Award: Cha Eun Woo (“Master in the House”), Jessi (“Showterview with Jessi”), Oh Min Seok (“My Ugly Duckling”)

2020 SBS Drama Awards

La cerimonia si terrà il 31 dicembre e sarà presentata da Shin Dong Yup e Kim Yoo Jung.


  • Gran Premio Daesang: Nam Goong Min (Hot Stove League)
  • Miglior Attore/Attrice in una serie medio-lunga: Lee Ji Ah, Kim So yeon, Eugene, Uhm Ki Joon (Penthouse)
  • Miglior Attore/Attrice in una miniserie Fantasy/Romance: Lee Min Ho (The King Eternal Monarch), Park Eun Bin (Do You Like Brahms?)
  • Miglior Attore/Attrice in una miniserie Action: Kim Seo Hyung (Nobody Knows), Ju Ji Hoon (Hyena)
  • Eccellente attore/attrice in una serie media-lunga: Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon, Shin Eun Kyung (Penthouse)
  • Eccellente attore/attrice in una miniserie Fantasy/Romance: Kim Min Jae (Do You Like Brahms?), Kim Yoo Jung (Backstreet Rookie)
  • Eccellente attore/attrice in una miniserie Action: Ahn Hyeo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung (Dr. Romantic 2)
  • Miglior Coppia: Park Eun Bin e Kim Min Jae (Do You Like Brahms?)
  • Miglior Team di supporto: Hot Stove League
  • Premio del produttore: Joo Won (Alice) (assegnato dai produttori)
  • Miglior personaggio maschile: Oh Jung Se (Hot Stove League)
  • Miglior personaggio femminile: Choi Kang Hee (Good Casting)
  • Miglior attrice non protagonista: Jin Kyung (Dr. Romantic 2)
  • Miglior attore non protagonista: Kim Joo Heon (Dr. Romantic 2)
  • Miglior attore non protagonista: Park Eun Seok (Penthouse)
  • Miglior nuova attrice (rookie): So Joo-yeon (Dr. Romantic 2)
  • Miglior nuovo attore (rookie): Jo Byung Gyu (Hot Stove League)
  • Miglior giovane attrice: Kim Hyun Soo (Penthouse)
  • Miglior giovane attore: Ahn Ji Ho (Nobody Knows)


2020 MBC Entertainment Awards

La cerimonia si terrà il 29 dicembre e sarà presentata da Jun Hyun Moo, che da tre anni viene scelto come host principale della cerimonia grazie alle sue doti, premiate l’anno scorso con il premio “Miglior presentatore”. Insieme a lui quest’anno troviamo l’attore Ahan Bo Hyun, grazie alla sua partecipazione al reality “I Live Alone” e l’attrice Jang Do Yeon.


  • Daesang (Grand Prize): Yoo Jae Suk (“How Do You Play?”)
  • Entertainer of the Year: Park Na Rae, Kim Sung Joo, Lee Young Ja, Kim Gura, Yoo Jae Suk, Jun Hyun Moo
  • Variety Program of the Year: “How Do You Play?”
  • Top Excellence in Variety: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa (“Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”), “How Do You Play?”), Sung Hoon (“Home Alone”)
  • Top Excellence in Music & Talk: Lee Hyori (“How Do You Play?”), Yang Se Hyung (“The Paikfather,” “The Manager,” “Where Is My Home”)
  • Top Excellence in Radio: Jung Sun Hee (“Jung Sun Hee and Moon Chun Shik’s Radio Era Now”)
  • Excellence in Variety: Son Dam Bi (“Home Alone”), Jang Do Yeon (“Home Alone”), Boom (“It’s a Relief if We Don’t Fight,” “Where Is My Home”)
  • Excellence in Music & Talk: Uhm Jung Hwa (“How Do You Play?”), Jessi (“How Do You Play?”, “The Manager”), Kim Jong Min (“Nation of Trot,” “Those Who Cross the Line: Returns,” “How Do You Play?”)
  • Excellence in Radio: Lee Yoon Suk (“Lee Yoon Suk and Jeon Young Mi’s Good Weekend”), Lee Ji Hye (“Lee Ji Hye’s Afternoon Discovery”)
  • PD Award: Baek Jong Won (“The Paikfather”)
  • Best Couple: Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori (“How Do You Play?”)
  • Achievement Award: Kim Gook Jin (“Radio Star”)
  • Best Teamwork Award: “The Manager”
  • Popularity Award: Ahn Young Mi (“Radio Star”)
  • Special Award: Judges of “Nation of Trot”
  • Best Format Award: “The King of Mask Singer”
  • Digital Content Award: Park Na Rae, Han Hye Jin, Hwasa (“Home Alone: Girls’ Secret Party”)
  • Best Dresser Award: Norazo (“The Paikfather,” “The Manager”)
  • Writer of the Year: Choi Hye Jung (“How Do You Play?”)
  • Rookie Award: Ko Eun Ah (“The Manager”), Kim Kang Hoon (“The King of Mask Singer,” “Those Who Cross the Line: Returns,” “The Manager”)
  • Rookie Radio Award: Kang Soo Ji (“Kang Soo Ji’s Wonderful Radio”), Jun Hyosung (“Jun Hyosung’s Dreaming Radio”), Pyo Chang Won (“Pyo Chang Won’s News High Kick”)
  • Special Award for Current Events and Cultural Programs: Kim Han Seok, Kim Jung Geun, Park Yeon Kyung (“Good Day”)
  • Writer of the Year for Current Events and Cultural Programs: Park Min Jung (“Humanimal”)
  • Special Award for Radio: Im Jin Mo (“Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp”), Kim Eun Ae (“57 Minute Traffic Report,” “Weather and Life”)
  • Writer of the Year for Radio: Kim Kyung Ok (“Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp”)
  • Radio Contribution Award: GS Caltex

2020 MBC Drama Awards

La cerimonia si terrà il 30 dicembre e sarà presentata da Kim Sung Joo.


  • Daesang (Grand Prize): Park Hae Jin (“Kkondae Intern”)
  • Drama of the Year: “Kkondae Intern”
  • Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Im Soo Hyang (“When I Was the Most Beautiful”)
  • Top Excellence Award for an Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Kim Eung Soo (“Kkondae Intern”)
  • Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Drama Or Short Drama: Nam Ji Hyun (“365: Repeat the Year”)
  • Top Excellence Award for an Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama Or Short Drama: Shin Sung Rok (“Kairos”)
  • Excellence Award for an Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Kim Seul Gi (“Find Me in Your Memory”)
  • Excellence Award for an Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Im Joo Hwan (“The Game: Towards Zero,” “The Spies Who Loved Me”)
  • Excellence Award for an Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Drama or Short Drama: Nam Gyu Ri (“Kairos”)
  • Excellence Award for an Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama or Short Drama: Lee Joon Hyuk (“365: Repeat the Year”)
  • Golden Acting Award: Shim Yi Young (“My Wonderful Life”)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sun Young (“Kkondae Intern”)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Lee Sung Wook (“365: Repeat the Year”)
  • Best New Actress: Kim Hye Joon (“CHIP-IN”)
  • Best New Actor: Ahn Bo Hyun (“Kairos”)
  • Best Couple: Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young (“Find Me in Your Memory”)


2020 KBS Entertainment Awards

La cerimonia si terrà il 24 dicembre 2020 e per il premio “Miglior Variety Show” sono stati nominati 7 programmi: 1 Night 2 Days stagione 4, The Return of Superman, Dogs Are Incredible, Immortal Song, Boss In The Mirror, Mr. House Husband, e Stars Top Recipe Fun-Staurant.


  • Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim Sook (“Boss in the Mirror,” “Problem Child in House”)
  • Viewers’ Choice for Best Program: “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”
  • Top Excellence in Variety: Moon Se Yoon (“2 Days & 1 Night”)
  • Top Excellence in Reality: Poppin’ Hyun Joon, Park Ae Ri (“Mr. House Husband,” “Immortal Songs”), Hyun Joo Yeob (“Boss in the Mirror”)
  • Excellence in Show & Variety: DinDin (“2 Days & 1 Night”)
  • Excellence in Reality: Lee Yoo Ri (“Fun-staurant”)
  • Rookie Award for Show & Variety: Kim Seon Ho (“2 Days & 1 Night”)
  • Rookie Award for Radio: Kang Han Na (“Kang Han Na’s Volume Up”)
  • Rookie Award for Reality: Kim Il Woo (“Mr. House Husband”), Kim Jae Won (“Fun-staurant”)
  • Best Couple: Oh My Girl’s Arin & TXT’s Soobin (“Music Bank”), Choi Yang Rak & Paeng Hyun Sook, Kim Ye Rin & Yoon Joo Man (“Mr. House Husband”)
  • Best Teamwork: “Entertainment Weekly Live”
  • Best Challenge: “Zombie Detective”
  • Best Entertainer in Show & Variety: Hong Kyung Min (“The Return of Superman,” “Trot National Festival”), Yeon Jung Hoon (“2 Days & 1 Night”), Oh My Girl’s Seunghee (“Not Soccer or Baseball”)
  • Best Entertainer in Reality: Yang Chi Seung (“Boss in the Mirror”), Oh Yoon Ah, Ryu Soo Young (“Fun-staurant”)
  • Best Icon: the children of “The Return of Superman”
  • DJ of the Year: Jo Woo Jong
  • Digital Content Award: Kim Gura
  • Special Producer Award: Lee Young Ja (“Fun-staurant”), Song Eun Yi (“Problem Child in House”)
  • Special Program Award: “Korea Again Na Hoon Ah”
  • Hot Issue Variety Program: “Dogs Are Incredible”

2020 KBS Drama Awards

La cerimonia si terrà il 31 dicembre 2020 e sarà pesentata da Do Gyeong-wan, Jo Boa e Lee Sang Yeop.


  • Gran Premio Daesang: Cheon Ho Jin (Once Again)
  • Miglior attrice: Lee Min Jung (Once Again)
  • Miglior attore: Jung Bo Suk (Homemade Love Story) e Park In hwan (Brilliant Heritage)
  • Miglior Coppia drama-lungo: Lee Jang-woo ♥ Jin Ki-joo (‘Oh! Samgwang Villa!’), Bo-Seok Lee ♥ Jang-Woo Lee (‘Oh! Samgwang Villa!’) Die’), Hae Jin Park ♥ Boa Jo (‘Forest’), Nana ♥ Sung Hoon Park (‘Exhibition mark’) Lee Sang-yeop ♥ Min-jung Lee (‘I’ve been there once’) Lee Sang-i ♥ Cho-hee Kim (‘I’ve been there once’), Ho-jin Chun ♥ Jung-eun Lee ( ‘I’ve been there once’)
  • Miglior Coppia drama-corto: Park Hae Jin & Jo Bo Ah (Forest), Go Joon & Cho Yeo Jeong (Cheat On Me If You Can), Park Sung Hoon & Nana (Memorial)
  • Miglior Attore/Attrice giovane: Moon Woo Jin, Lee Ga Yeon (Once Again)
  • Miglior Nuovo attore: Seo Ji Hoon (Men are Men), Lee Sang Yi (Once Again)
  • Miglior Nuova attrice: Bona (Homemade Love Story), Shin Ye Eun (Welcome), Lee Cho Hee (Once Again)
  • Premio popolarità: Kim Young Dae (If you cheat you die), Jo Bo Ah (Forest) e Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again)
  • Miglior attore/attrice in un drama corto: Lee Yoo young (Looks of Love), Son Sook (Outing), Lee Sin Young (Contract Friendhsip) e Lee Han Wi (Leaks left there)
  • Miglior attore non protagonista: Ahn Kil Kang (Memorials) Oh Dae Hwan (Once Again)
  • Miglior attrice non protagonista: Ye Ji Won (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol), Kim Sun young (Homemade Love Story) e Oh Yoon Ah (Once Again)
  • Miglior scrittore: Yang Hee Seung (Once Again)
  • Premio eccellente, attore in drama medio-lungo: Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again) Lee Jang Woo (Homemade Love Story)
  • Premio eccellente, attrice in drama medio-lungo: Lee Jung Eun (Once Again) Jin Ki Joo (Homemade Love Story)
  • Premio eccellente, attrice in daily-drama: Park Ha Na (Fatal Promise) Lee Chae Young (Man in a Veil)
  • Premio eccellente, attore in daily-drama: Kang Eun Tak (Man in a Veil) Kim Yu Seok (No Matter What)
  • Premio eccellente, attore in miniserie: Park Sung Hoon (Memorials) Lee jae Wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol)
  • Premio eccellente, attrice in miniserie: Nana (Memorials), Cho Yeo Jeong (Cheat on Me if you can)
  • Achievement Award: Song Jae-ho


Da sempre appassionata di film e serie tv, nel 2012 viene casualmente catapultata nel mondo dei drama, meglio conosciuto come dramaland, qui il suo nuovo interesse cresce a dismisura portandola nel 2019 a fondare dailykdrama, per scrivere della sua passione e condividerla con il pubblico italiano.

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